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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Spoke POV: LED Bike Wheel Images

Spoke POV: LED Bike Wheel Images

Here's a great electronics hack that allows you to easily display your own custom drawn and changeable LED animated images on your bike's wheels!

Check out our playlist of all the great creations you can make with it! One is even a live speedometer!

This looks excellent but will cost you at £102 to buy in parts, or you could just buy a refined and pre-set and ready to use one for £13 ($21 USD) from SlongLight right  here!

Despite the high custom build cost, it is a great bit of kit to invest in, if you are okay with a bit of DIY and soldering.
Either way, if you make or buy one, it will really get you and your bike noticed!

Here's the shopping list you need if you want to build one instead of buy a pre-built:

And here is a video guide to put it together:

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